Diemmy's 18th Birthday Party!

This is a pretty delayed post considering this event was around 2-3 weeks ago but due to the amount of videos that we had to edit, we didn't get the chance to post on our blogspot. But we are slowly trying to get back on track. 

For this party Diemmy wanted to go for a "Spring Themed" party. This included the decorations and a dress theme of "Pretty in Pink", "Pastels" or "Flowy Floral". With the luck that we had, it was forecasted to rain that evening but luckily it didn't rain until later at night time. It was a fun and enjoyable night.... Despite stressing over the decorations and food as it felt like we didn't have much time to prepare for everything. But we still managed to make it and had a fun time with everyone. :) 

Here are some photos from Diemmy's 18th Birthday Party... ENJOY! :)

Just after getting ready for the party. 

Spring themed decorations for a spring themed party. 

Henry and Vicki - Diemmy's Cousins. These two are cuties!

Julie & Diemmy.
Michelle & Kim.

Jasmina, Julie, Diemmy, Vicki, Sylvia & Kim

Diemmy, Jasmina & Julie playing with the photobooth props.

YUMMY: Strawberry Flavour Birthday Cake

Everyone during cake cutting. :)

"Happy Birthday Diemmy"


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