Backpack Central

By: Diemmy 

Backpacks are an essential for me, whether it be for University or just for a casual day where I have to carry many things on the go. With that being said, I just wanted to share with you my backpack collection.  

(Going clockwise)

♥ Yellow Polka Dot Herschel Settlement Bag
As mentioned in one of the previous blog posts Inside the Bag, this bag is my absolute go-to for University. With the big compartments for everything I need, including a laptop sleeve, it is super convenient and versatile.

♥ Navy and Red Herschel Settlement Bag
I couldn’t resist and just had to purchase another Herschel since I absolutely fell in love with the yellow polka dot one. Since the yellow one was slightly bright, I needed a tone that matched with more mellow outfits. The navy and red contrast on this bag go really well hand in hand and I love the gold lining of the zippers.

♥ Ruby and Kit Black Backpack
I had this bag for a really long time and often turn to this bag for those days where I’m digging more of a casual look rather than an active look. The pockets on the front of the bag make it really easy to store my little essentials. Also, since its black its pretty much goes with everything!

♥ Ruby and Kit Floral Print Backpack
I love the pattern on this bag – it really reminds me of spring! This bag is super cute and fun!

♥ Gold and Black Korea Backpack
I purchased this bag in Korea for 10 000 won which is around $10AUD. Despite not using this bag often, it is a complete bargain steal so I can’t really complain.
. . . . . . . .

So there you have it! My backpack collection! Maybe, just maybe I’ll buy more in the future. Haha. Do you guys have bags that you use frequently as well? Leave a comment down below which bags you like to turn to as I would love to know!

Much love and until next time,
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REVIEW: Clio’s Gelpresso Pencil Gel Liner Mini Set

By: Michelle

Clio’s Gelpresso Pencil Gel Liner Mini set is probably one of the best investments I have made. Clio is well known for their eyeliners, especially the Gelpresso line. In this set, it consists of five gelpresso liners. The shades are in Bloody Angel No.7, Gold Shine No. 9, Golden Black No.5, Deep Sea No. 10 and Jade Green No. 11.

The description states
“It is filled with sliding gel texture in the retractable mini auto pencil. It glides on smooth and gives high-defined eyeline. Creamy and melting formula stays put all day long without smudge.

And I agree with every single word. The quality of this set is amazing. Although I may not use some of the colours on an every day basis, it is great for testing out or for fun make-up days. The eyeliner stays on for extended periods of time and does not smudge. What more do you want from an eyeliner?!

I’m not too sure if this set is still available, but if it is, you should definitely check it out. I purchased this set for under 12,000 won ($12) when it was on sale. I think the original price is under 16,000 won ($16). For the price, it is definitely worth it.
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A Timeless Trend

By: Diemmy
I have to say… I’m addicted to watches. Most of the times, I can’t leave the house without putting on a watch. My wrist just seems so empty! Watches are indeed a timeless trend and add an extra vintage edge to the whole outfit. They can be fun, easy and effortless.  With that being said, I hope to expand my watch collection even further one day! But here are the current watches that I have been wearing.

(From Left to Right)

♥ Olivia Burton – Navy Big Dial
My friends got this watch for my birthday and I must say I’m obsessed with it! It is my most worn watch and it really does give off a sophisticated feel. The navy strap, big dial and gold tone just go really well hand in hand.

♥ Kmart – Whiting it Out
This watch is a bit on the heavy side but it is still quite wearable. Although I don’t wear it as often as my other watches, I tend to lean to this watch when I feel like giving off an active vibe.

♥ Kmart – Black and Gold
Black watches are pretty much classics! Nice, simple, versatile – enough said!

♥ Kmart – Goldie White
This watch is probably my second most worn watch. Since it is white, it really does go with every single possible outfit. I love the big numbers on the face since it makes it easier to read and it also gives an extra edge to the watch. This watch is totally a bargain steal since I got it for $15, just like the other two watches previously mentioned from Kmart.

♥ Asos – The Yin and Yang
I bought this watch for Michelle and I for her birthday so we could be matching, meaning she has one too! Since she’s the Yin to my Yang… or am I the Yang to her Yin? Haha. That aside, it is a really nice watch however, I was expecting the face to be a bit bigger when I ordered it.
 . . . . . . . .

So there you have it, the timeless trends of today… watches. Do you like watches too? Do you have a dream watch? I know I do… I just need to save up for it first. Haha. Let me know down below what watches you are currently eyeing out at the moment, I would love to know.

Much love and until next time,
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Stripes Meets Plaid

Michelle wears;
cardigan Thrifted
shirt Dotti
shorts Lee Cooper
boots K-Mart

Stripes and plaid are timeless trends. Today I mixed these two trends together to have a casual outfit for a day at Uni.  |  youtube   |  pinterest  |  bloglovin

OOTD: Casual

Diemmy wears;
shirt Markets
tights Markets
sweater Local Store
watch K-Mart
sunglasses Cotton On
shoes Converse All Stars

Michelle wears;
shirt Thrifted
tights K-Mart
shoes Adidas

Another outfit of the day video! It was a lazy day for us so we had on a casual outfit. Hope you enjoyed this video!

Much love,
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Review: Tony Moly's Prestige Carat Filler Foundation

By: Michelle
One of the foundations I purchased when I was in South Korea was Tony Moly's Prestige Carat Filler Foundation in Shade 21. This wasn't in my wishlist, however, it was 50% at Myeongdong. How could I possibly say no?

I love the packaging of this foundation. It looks very classy. A frosted class jar with a black lid. Simple, yet elegant. Additionally, there are a lot of foundations out there where it doesn't come with a pump. Luckily, this foundation comes with a sturdy pump! It just makes life a lot easier.

The foundation has SPF30 PA++ which is extremely useful for days when I am lazy to apply suncreen. However, I wouldn't wear this foundation on days where I know I will take flash photos as suncreen reflects the light, making our faces whiter in photos.

In my opinion, the foundation feels slightly thick and sticky. However, once applied, it doesn't feel heavy and has a nice finish. It has a slight fragrance which I don't really like, but it doesn't last for long.

It has good medium coverage. It covered all my pores and my redness which I was really happy with. The staying power of this foundation was average. It lasted for quite some time. I have oily-combination skin, so I tend to get oily on my t-zone by the end of the day. However, with this foundation, I barely had any oil on my t-zone which I was really impressed with. So, very good oil control!

However, overtime I noticed some areas of my skin becoming dry. This was ultimately the deal breaker of the foundation. Over a period of time, the foundation accentuated and made some areas of my skin patchy, which did not look good. Hence, I do not recommend this foundation for people with dry skin.

Overall, I am slightly disappointed in this foundation. However, I am going to try and give this a go in summer, where my skin would be more oily than in winter.

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Fresh month, fresh start! We can’t believe it’s already the ninth month of the year! Here is a list of aims we would like to achieve for this month:

♥ Reach 780 subscribers by the end of the month
♥ Upload a video at least once a week
♥ Upload Everyday Make-up video
♥ Film more beauty related videos!

♥ Post at least two- three times a week
♥ Write more posts for future blog posts
♥ Reach 25 bloglovin followers
♥ More beauty products review posts! Let us know if you want us to review any specific product.

This September, we can feel the pressures from other commitments such as university. But we are willing to work our way around to continue to bring new content to the table! What are some of your goals for this month?  |   youtube  |  pinterest  |  bloglovin

Inside the Bag

By: Diemmy 

University is a core part of my life, day in day out. So I thought it would be nice to share with you what I bring in my bag to University on a daily basis.

Herschel Settlement Bag Polka Dot
I like to bring my “whole house” to university in order to be prepared for anything during the day so having a big bag is an essential for me. This bag is super accommodating with its spacious sections and compartments, fitting my laptop and everything else. The colour may be a bit outrageous and bright but I can’t part with it.

In order to touch up my make up, it is essential for me to bring my mirror just to do a quick “whip out” rather than finding the nearest toilet for a mirror.

5Gum – Watermelon
This is my absolute favourite gum. And with the watermelon flavour – you can’t go wrong with that.

In order to remain organised with my university work, I turn to my diary. I like to write things down that I would like to get complete throughout the day and week then cross them off as I go.

I cannot stress enough how much I can’t live without earphones. Whether it be doing work, catching the train or walking to classes – I’m normally plugged with music in my ears.

Glasses – Rayban Optics
Okay, so I admit, I’m slightly blind… more than slightly actually. Without my glasses it is impossible for me to see in classrooms and lecture halls. So if I ever forget these, it’s safe to say I would be blind as a bat.

Exercise Book
What’s going to Uni without a book to write in? So of course bringing an exercise book is a must!

Pencil Case
Once again, a pencil case for all those excessive pens and highlighters that I like to bring. Even if I don’t use all the pens and highlighters, I still feel the need to have them in my bag or I would feel incomplete.

Water Bottle
I seriously don’t drink anything else but water… oh and juice. But, I LOVE my water so bringing a refillable bottle is a must for me.

♥ Lip Balm - Burts Bee 
Cracked lips are quite uncomfortable so having a product that moisturises them is a must! I have been repeatedly using the Burts Bee lip balm, as mentioned from my make up essentials post. 

Everyone knows you can’t leave the house without the wallet. So there’s no need to explain there.
. . . . . . . .

So there you have it, the reoccurring items that I bring to University. What are some essentials that you carry around in your bag? What are the items that you can’t without on a daily basis?

Much love and until next time,
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