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By: Diemmy 

Backpacks are an essential for me, whether it be for University or just for a casual day where I have to carry many things on the go. With that being said, I just wanted to share with you my backpack collection.  

(Going clockwise)

♥ Yellow Polka Dot Herschel Settlement Bag
As mentioned in one of the previous blog posts Inside the Bag, this bag is my absolute go-to for University. With the big compartments for everything I need, including a laptop sleeve, it is super convenient and versatile.

♥ Navy and Red Herschel Settlement Bag
I couldn’t resist and just had to purchase another Herschel since I absolutely fell in love with the yellow polka dot one. Since the yellow one was slightly bright, I needed a tone that matched with more mellow outfits. The navy and red contrast on this bag go really well hand in hand and I love the gold lining of the zippers.

♥ Ruby and Kit Black Backpack
I had this bag for a really long time and often turn to this bag for those days where I’m digging more of a casual look rather than an active look. The pockets on the front of the bag make it really easy to store my little essentials. Also, since its black its pretty much goes with everything!

♥ Ruby and Kit Floral Print Backpack
I love the pattern on this bag – it really reminds me of spring! This bag is super cute and fun!

♥ Gold and Black Korea Backpack
I purchased this bag in Korea for 10 000 won which is around $10AUD. Despite not using this bag often, it is a complete bargain steal so I can’t really complain.
. . . . . . . .

So there you have it! My backpack collection! Maybe, just maybe I’ll buy more in the future. Haha. Do you guys have bags that you use frequently as well? Leave a comment down below which bags you like to turn to as I would love to know!

Much love and until next time,
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