A Timeless Trend

By: Diemmy
I have to say… I’m addicted to watches. Most of the times, I can’t leave the house without putting on a watch. My wrist just seems so empty! Watches are indeed a timeless trend and add an extra vintage edge to the whole outfit. They can be fun, easy and effortless.  With that being said, I hope to expand my watch collection even further one day! But here are the current watches that I have been wearing.

(From Left to Right)

♥ Olivia Burton – Navy Big Dial
My friends got this watch for my birthday and I must say I’m obsessed with it! It is my most worn watch and it really does give off a sophisticated feel. The navy strap, big dial and gold tone just go really well hand in hand.

♥ Kmart – Whiting it Out
This watch is a bit on the heavy side but it is still quite wearable. Although I don’t wear it as often as my other watches, I tend to lean to this watch when I feel like giving off an active vibe.

♥ Kmart – Black and Gold
Black watches are pretty much classics! Nice, simple, versatile – enough said!

♥ Kmart – Goldie White
This watch is probably my second most worn watch. Since it is white, it really does go with every single possible outfit. I love the big numbers on the face since it makes it easier to read and it also gives an extra edge to the watch. This watch is totally a bargain steal since I got it for $15, just like the other two watches previously mentioned from Kmart.

♥ Asos – The Yin and Yang
I bought this watch for Michelle and I for her birthday so we could be matching, meaning she has one too! Since she’s the Yin to my Yang… or am I the Yang to her Yin? Haha. That aside, it is a really nice watch however, I was expecting the face to be a bit bigger when I ordered it.
 . . . . . . . .

So there you have it, the timeless trends of today… watches. Do you like watches too? Do you have a dream watch? I know I do… I just need to save up for it first. Haha. Let me know down below what watches you are currently eyeing out at the moment, I would love to know.

Much love and until next time,

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