Review: Tony Moly's Prestige Carat Filler Foundation

By: Michelle
One of the foundations I purchased when I was in South Korea was Tony Moly's Prestige Carat Filler Foundation in Shade 21. This wasn't in my wishlist, however, it was 50% at Myeongdong. How could I possibly say no?

I love the packaging of this foundation. It looks very classy. A frosted class jar with a black lid. Simple, yet elegant. Additionally, there are a lot of foundations out there where it doesn't come with a pump. Luckily, this foundation comes with a sturdy pump! It just makes life a lot easier.

The foundation has SPF30 PA++ which is extremely useful for days when I am lazy to apply suncreen. However, I wouldn't wear this foundation on days where I know I will take flash photos as suncreen reflects the light, making our faces whiter in photos.

In my opinion, the foundation feels slightly thick and sticky. However, once applied, it doesn't feel heavy and has a nice finish. It has a slight fragrance which I don't really like, but it doesn't last for long.

It has good medium coverage. It covered all my pores and my redness which I was really happy with. The staying power of this foundation was average. It lasted for quite some time. I have oily-combination skin, so I tend to get oily on my t-zone by the end of the day. However, with this foundation, I barely had any oil on my t-zone which I was really impressed with. So, very good oil control!

However, overtime I noticed some areas of my skin becoming dry. This was ultimately the deal breaker of the foundation. Over a period of time, the foundation accentuated and made some areas of my skin patchy, which did not look good. Hence, I do not recommend this foundation for people with dry skin.

Overall, I am slightly disappointed in this foundation. However, I am going to try and give this a go in summer, where my skin would be more oily than in winter.

I would give this a 3/5.  |   youtube  |  pinterest  |  bloglovin


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