Inside the Bag

By: Diemmy 

University is a core part of my life, day in day out. So I thought it would be nice to share with you what I bring in my bag to University on a daily basis.

Herschel Settlement Bag Polka Dot
I like to bring my “whole house” to university in order to be prepared for anything during the day so having a big bag is an essential for me. This bag is super accommodating with its spacious sections and compartments, fitting my laptop and everything else. The colour may be a bit outrageous and bright but I can’t part with it.

In order to touch up my make up, it is essential for me to bring my mirror just to do a quick “whip out” rather than finding the nearest toilet for a mirror.

5Gum – Watermelon
This is my absolute favourite gum. And with the watermelon flavour – you can’t go wrong with that.

In order to remain organised with my university work, I turn to my diary. I like to write things down that I would like to get complete throughout the day and week then cross them off as I go.

I cannot stress enough how much I can’t live without earphones. Whether it be doing work, catching the train or walking to classes – I’m normally plugged with music in my ears.

Glasses – Rayban Optics
Okay, so I admit, I’m slightly blind… more than slightly actually. Without my glasses it is impossible for me to see in classrooms and lecture halls. So if I ever forget these, it’s safe to say I would be blind as a bat.

Exercise Book
What’s going to Uni without a book to write in? So of course bringing an exercise book is a must!

Pencil Case
Once again, a pencil case for all those excessive pens and highlighters that I like to bring. Even if I don’t use all the pens and highlighters, I still feel the need to have them in my bag or I would feel incomplete.

Water Bottle
I seriously don’t drink anything else but water… oh and juice. But, I LOVE my water so bringing a refillable bottle is a must for me.

♥ Lip Balm - Burts Bee 
Cracked lips are quite uncomfortable so having a product that moisturises them is a must! I have been repeatedly using the Burts Bee lip balm, as mentioned from my make up essentials post. 

Everyone knows you can’t leave the house without the wallet. So there’s no need to explain there.
. . . . . . . .

So there you have it, the reoccurring items that I bring to University. What are some essentials that you carry around in your bag? What are the items that you can’t without on a daily basis?

Much love and until next time,
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