Korea Trip Itinerary - PART 3

Here is Part 3 of our Korea Trip Itinerary! You can find part one and part two here.
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DAY 10:
Butterfinger Pancakes @ Cheongdam
- Station: Cheongdam Station • Exit 8
- Operating hours: 7am-3pm
- Directions: You can find maps and directions online (Sorry, we don't remember the exact directions to the restaurant). 

Mouse Rabbit Café
- Station: Konkuk University • Exit 2
- Take the exit and go down the flight of stairs. Turn left and continue to walk straight until you reach a Gongcha outlet. There should also be a Samsung outlet next to it. Turn left into the alley and Mouse Rabbit is located in the alley way, on the right side.

DAY 11:
- Station: Dongdaemun • Exit 8 or 9

Bear Museum – Seoul Namsan Tower
- Station: Myeongdong • Exit 3
- Directions: Take the exit and look left. On your left there should be a big road with a convenience store located in the corner in front of you. Walk down this street until you reach Pacific Hotel. At the road there should be a road that splits into two. Stay on the right side and continue to walk down this road. Eventually the road will end up at a flight of stairs. Take these stairs, as they will lead you to the cable car building, which is on the right.

Dinner and shopping at Myeongdong

DAY 12:
Hongdae/ Myeongdong/ Catch Up

Yeouido Hangang Park – Bike Riding
- Station: Yeouinaru Station • Exit 2 or 3
- Directions: Bicycle rentals are available at the Southern end of the Mapodaeyo or Wonhyodaeyo bridge
- Operating Hours: 9am – 5pm

Yeouido Park
- Station: Yeouinaru Station • Exit 1
- Directions: Exit the station and continuously straight for 10 minutes until you reach the SBS TV station

Mapo Bridge
- Station: Yeouinaru Station • Exit 2
- Directions: The bridge is 10 minutes walking distance from the station and is located on the Southern end of the Yeouido Park.

DAY 13:
Jass Café
- Station: Hongdae Station • Exit 2
- Directions: You can find maps and directions online (Sorry, we don't remember the exact directions to the cafe). 

Kosa Mart (CNBLUE visited Convenience store for WGM)
- Station: Hongdae Station • Exit 2
- Directions: Located next to Jass Café and on the street next to F&C Academy

- Station: Itaewon • Exit 1 or 4

Stores at Itaewon:
• Nike
- Directions: Walk straight out from the station and a NIKE store should be visible on the main street
• New Balance

Itaewon Land (Sauna)
- Station: Itaewon Station • Exit 3
- Directions: After the GS25 gas station continue to walk straight for approximately 100 metres. A long flight of stairs with writing should be located there and the stairs takes you directly to Itaewon Land.

DAY 14:
Breakfast @ Hongdae

Yuldong Park – Bungee Jumping
- Station: Seohyeon Station (Budang Subway Line) • Exit 2
- Directions: From Seohyeon Station, take the bus 15 or 15-1. Alight off at Jangan Middle School. Continue to walk for 700m and you should arrive at Yuldong Park.
- Operating hours: Mon-Fri • 10am-4pm

Naemdaemun Markets
- Station: Heohyeon Station • Exit 5

Sinchon – POP container
- Station: Sinchon Station • Exit 2
- Directions: After exiting, walk towards U-plex towards Megabox. As you continue to walk, on your right, there should be a Krispy Kreme and Olive Young outlet. Continue walking straight and you should reach POP container.

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Hopefully this was helpful for your next trip to Korea! The next part of our itinerary will be up next week on Sunday! 

Until next time, 
- MDN xx 

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Hello everyone~
Diemmy here! Another week, another wishlist! I find it quite funny how I have endless things that I constantly want to buy, yet when it’s time to do this blog segment I can’t think of four items that I want for the week.

But I have narrowed it down to the things that I have been keeping my eye on lately… and here they are:

REVIEW: Holika Holika's Aqua Petit BB Cream

Hi everyone!
Michelle here. So if you didn’t know, I love skincare and make-up products. I have wanted to do reviews for quite some time with the products that I have used. Finally I have the time to do so.

For my first review, I will be writing about Holika Holika’s Aqua Petit BB Cream.

If you’re into Korean make-up, I am sure you have heard about this specific bb-cream at least once. It is really well known and I’ve seen it all over blogs and YouTube.

There are only two shades available, #1 Aqua Beige and #2 Aqua Neutral. I am using the shade #2 Aqua Neutral.

Korea Trip Itinerary - PART 2

Here is Part 2 of our Korea Trip Itinerary! You can find part one here.
Don't forget to credit us!

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DAY 5:
Ichon bike riding
- Station: Ichon Station  •  Exit 4.
- Directions: Walk 500 m.

Yongsan Family park 
- Station: Ichon Station   •  Exit 2
- Directions:Walk straight for 10 minutes. Will be on the left.

Korea War Memorial @ Samgakji (Near Ichon)
- Operating Hours: 9-6pm. Last admission is 1 hour before closing.
- Directions:Located on the same grounds as Yongsan Family park.

Minhyuk’s Dad’s restaurant
- Name: 황가네 꼼장군
- Station: Yeongdeungpo station • Exit 3.
- Directions: Cross the road, keeping to the right. Walk straight for about 10 minutes. It is in an alley, on the right. You will see the restaurant as the sign is bright orange.  

Time Square
- Station: Yeongdeungpo Station (line 1).
- Directions: Directly connected to Yeondeungpo Station

Watch a movie
@Time square

DAY 6:
Gyeongbokgung Palace
- Station: Gyeongbokgung Station  •  Exit 5.
- Every hour there is a ceremony at the entrance gates.

Gwanghwamun Square
- Directions: From the entrance gates of Gyeongbokgung Palace, go down. There is a statue of King Sejong and statue of Admiral Yi-Sun-Shin. Underneath these statues are underground museums.

Cheonggyecheon stream
- Directions: From the Admiral Yi-Sun-Shin statue, cross the street and keep walking down. The start of the stream is marked by a giant spiral cone.

Dinner – Haha’s restaurant (Pal Ja Mak Chang)
- Station: Hongkik University  •  Exit 5.
- Directions: From the Station, exit by going up the escalators. Turn right and there should be a set of stairs going down. Go down the stairs and keep walking straight. There will be a road which you cross over to Holika Holika and Tony Moly. There are two streets, walk into the one on the left, closest to Holika Holika. Keep walking straight for about 5 minutes. You should walk pass Watsons, Clio, Etude House, Ho Bar. At the end of the street, turn right. Walk down for about a minute. The restaurant should be across the road, just before the crossing.

DAY 7:
Breakfast in Hongdae

Star Avenue
- Station: Jamsil Station   •  Exit 4.  
- Directions: Lotte World and Star Avenue is directly connected to the underground shopping.
*If you purchase Day-pass for Lotte World, Star Avenue would be free*

Lotte World
- Station: Jamsil Station   •  Exit 4.
- Directions: Lotte World is directly connected to the station.
- Prices: Day-Pass Ticket (admission fees included)
Adults: 40,000 won / Youths: 35,000 won / Children: 31,000 won

Lotte Department Store
- Station: Jamsil Station
- Directions: Connected to the station.

DAY 8:
 Sinsadong Garosu-gil Road
- Station: Sinsa Station    •   Exit 8.
Directions: Go straight for about 250m, until you see the street on the left.

Forever 21 @ Garosu-gil Road
- Station: Sinsa Station, Exit 8
- Directions: Located at the end of Garosu-gil Road.

Night time: Han River.

DAY 9:
Gangnam Station shopping
- Station: Gangnam Station.

. . . . . . . .

We hope this was useful for you. The next part of our itinerary will be up next week on Sunday! xo

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Hello everyone~  Diemmy here! 

So this week marks my first Friday Favourites! So without any further explanations, here are some of the items that I have been really loving for the week! 

   1. THE FACE SHOP: Hand & Body Shiffon Cream – Gold Kiwi

I have been obsessed with this cream for the past few months ever since opening the product. I mainly use it for my hands and it feels so soft on the hands. It does what a hand cream needs to do and that is to moisturise but… there’s an extra bonus! It smells so so so good! The Kiwi Scent is amazing and constantly makes me want to smell my hands. Haha.
   2. HOLIKA HOLIKA: Heart Full Glossy Lipstick – BG402 Honey Beige

This is my natural go-to colour when it comes to lipstick! It can pose as a colour for the perfect simple natural look or act as a base for lip tints to go on top. It has a slight glossy texture and it glides very well on the lips without much effort needed, so it’s a very easy product to apply. And of course - another bonus, it smells very nice - just like all Korean products do! 

   3. SAM SMITH: In the Lonely Hour (2014)

For the pass two weeks or so Sam Smith’s album has been on repeat for me! My personal favourites on this album have to be ‘Lay Me Down’ and ‘Life Support’. His voice is absolutely stunning and amazing and if you haven’t already checked out his music I strongly recommended you do so NOW! His style is very mellow and soothing – perfect for those days where you want to lay in bed or when you are in need of a voice to put you to sleep – he’s the man!

   4. TAYLOR SWIFT: Taylor Made of Starlight Edition Perfume

This was gifted to me by a friend as a belated birthday present and ever since receiving it, I have continuously been using this fragrance. Taylor by Taylor Swift has a very fresh and subtle scent and it is not too strong which is why I really like it! What makes me love the perfume even more is the packaging! The box actually plays Taylor’s song ‘Starlight’ when you open the box, which is pretty awesome!

. . . . . . . .

What are your favourites for the week? I hope you guys have enjoyed this week's Friday Favourites and don't forget to come back for more FFs! 

Much love and until next time, 
- Diemmy xx 

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My second wish list!
This week I have wanted a lot of things... but I did my best to limit it down for this list.

I’ve been really into brushes and I really want more brushes for applying foundation that feels nice and gives a flawless look. This kit consists of 10 brushes, 5 of which are kabuki brushes. I really want to give these brushes a try, and it’s Sigma - they are known for their high quality brushes. To see the kit, click here.

It’s getting colder these days as June marks the start of Sydney’s winter. I don’t have a lot of jeans, well, ones that I like to wear. These skinny jeans are such a nice blue, where it looks like it hugs the right places. You can buy these jeans online, here

I am a book lover. And because I am on break, I have been spending a lot of time reading. The Harry Potter series is definitely one that I want to add in my collection of novels. I’ve already read most of series… but… I still want it. I want to read it again, from start to finish.

Like I said, I’ve been getting into brushes and Nar’s Ita Brush is something I really want to add to my collection. I’ve watched a lot of Youtubers using this brush to contour their face and it seems so easy.

 . . . . . . . .

What is on your wish list for this week?

Much love,

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Korea Trip Itinerary - PART 1

We’re pretty sure this is the post that everyone has been waiting for. We’ve received numerous requests and questions about when we will post this.. and finally, here it is; our Korea Trip Itinerary.