Korea Trip Itinerary - PART 3

Here is Part 3 of our Korea Trip Itinerary! You can find part one and part two here.
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DAY 10:
Butterfinger Pancakes @ Cheongdam
- Station: Cheongdam Station • Exit 8
- Operating hours: 7am-3pm
- Directions: You can find maps and directions online (Sorry, we don't remember the exact directions to the restaurant). 

Mouse Rabbit Café
- Station: Konkuk University • Exit 2
- Take the exit and go down the flight of stairs. Turn left and continue to walk straight until you reach a Gongcha outlet. There should also be a Samsung outlet next to it. Turn left into the alley and Mouse Rabbit is located in the alley way, on the right side.

DAY 11:
- Station: Dongdaemun • Exit 8 or 9

Bear Museum – Seoul Namsan Tower
- Station: Myeongdong • Exit 3
- Directions: Take the exit and look left. On your left there should be a big road with a convenience store located in the corner in front of you. Walk down this street until you reach Pacific Hotel. At the road there should be a road that splits into two. Stay on the right side and continue to walk down this road. Eventually the road will end up at a flight of stairs. Take these stairs, as they will lead you to the cable car building, which is on the right.

Dinner and shopping at Myeongdong

DAY 12:
Hongdae/ Myeongdong/ Catch Up

Yeouido Hangang Park – Bike Riding
- Station: Yeouinaru Station • Exit 2 or 3
- Directions: Bicycle rentals are available at the Southern end of the Mapodaeyo or Wonhyodaeyo bridge
- Operating Hours: 9am – 5pm

Yeouido Park
- Station: Yeouinaru Station • Exit 1
- Directions: Exit the station and continuously straight for 10 minutes until you reach the SBS TV station

Mapo Bridge
- Station: Yeouinaru Station • Exit 2
- Directions: The bridge is 10 minutes walking distance from the station and is located on the Southern end of the Yeouido Park.

DAY 13:
Jass Café
- Station: Hongdae Station • Exit 2
- Directions: You can find maps and directions online (Sorry, we don't remember the exact directions to the cafe). 

Kosa Mart (CNBLUE visited Convenience store for WGM)
- Station: Hongdae Station • Exit 2
- Directions: Located next to Jass Café and on the street next to F&C Academy

- Station: Itaewon • Exit 1 or 4

Stores at Itaewon:
• Nike
- Directions: Walk straight out from the station and a NIKE store should be visible on the main street
• New Balance

Itaewon Land (Sauna)
- Station: Itaewon Station • Exit 3
- Directions: After the GS25 gas station continue to walk straight for approximately 100 metres. A long flight of stairs with writing should be located there and the stairs takes you directly to Itaewon Land.

DAY 14:
Breakfast @ Hongdae

Yuldong Park – Bungee Jumping
- Station: Seohyeon Station (Budang Subway Line) • Exit 2
- Directions: From Seohyeon Station, take the bus 15 or 15-1. Alight off at Jangan Middle School. Continue to walk for 700m and you should arrive at Yuldong Park.
- Operating hours: Mon-Fri • 10am-4pm

Naemdaemun Markets
- Station: Heohyeon Station • Exit 5

Sinchon – POP container
- Station: Sinchon Station • Exit 2
- Directions: After exiting, walk towards U-plex towards Megabox. As you continue to walk, on your right, there should be a Krispy Kreme and Olive Young outlet. Continue walking straight and you should reach POP container.

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Hopefully this was helpful for your next trip to Korea! The next part of our itinerary will be up next week on Sunday! 

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- MDN xx 

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