Friday Favourites: Michelle #1

Hello buttercups!
I would like to introduce to you a new blog segment that is “Friday Favourites”. As the title suggests, every Friday Diemmy and I will take turns in posting up our weekly favourites. This includes beauty products to clothing to music. Anything and everything!

My favourites for this week consists of…

1. MISSHA: The Style Smudge-proof wood eyebrow pencil.

I have been loving Missha’s eyebrow pencil. This is in my favourites for this week because the texture is very soft and light so it is very easy to utilize. Due to the soft texture, it gives a natural look to my eyebrows. Additionally, it comes with a spooly, which is very convenient! I love this eyebrow pencil so much that I have 3 back-ups...

2. HOLIKA HOLIKA: Pure Mellow Moisture Tint in #4 Red.

This past week I find myself reaching for Holika Holika’s lip tint. The lip tint stays put for quite some time and does not dry my lips at all. It has a very nice scent – a mixture and fruit – I love smelling it before applying it on my lips!

3. EXO-K: Overdose Album

Music wise, I have been lovely EXO’s latest mini-album. I listen to it every single time I am in the shower, so everyday. My favourite songs from the album are ‘Overdose’ and ‘Run’. What are your favourites from this album? If you haven’t listened to their album, you should definitely check it out!

4. TVXQ: The 4th World Tour ‘Catch Me’ Live Album

My favourites list wouldn’t be complete without something TVXQ related. Around two weeks ago, TVXQ released their Catch Me World Tour Live album. And oh my gosh. It is amazing! Brilliant! Fantastic! I. love. it. Whenever I listen to it, I have goosebumps, because you can hear and feel how hard TVXQ has worked. You can hear and feel their passion for music and the stage, and the fans passion for TVXQ. From this album, my favourites are 'Rising Sun' and 'Wrong Number'. This live album is my absolute current favourite. Top notch, my first (even though it's last on this list.. it's definitely first!).

. . . . . . . .

What are your favourites for this week? Check back next week for Diemmy's favourites!

Much love,
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