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Diemmy here! I know I haven’t been the active half of MDN on this blog recently due to University! But as noted in our HELLO JUNE post, yes, the semester is coming to an end and that means the break is nearing… actually, I still have finals. Haha.

Moving on… MDN have decided to start a weekly blog post called Wednesday Wishlist! Every Wednesday Michelle & I will take turns in posting our wish list. It will include anything ranging from clothes to beauty products to music!

So… without further a do, here’s four items that I have been dying to get my hands on!

1.      NIKE: Roshe run GPX Premium White/ Black

Okay, so I’m not much of an athlete, nor do I go to the gym… but I have been wanting to add another pair of running shoes to my collection for quite some time now. I love the geometric pattern on this premium Nike Roshe line and I will definitely get my hands on a pair (maybe in another colour since these might be a bit hard to find).

2.      OASIS: Black glitter strap watch with silver dial

Product description:

- Analog watch

- Glitter shiny strap

- Silver dial

I have been wanting a watch with a silver dial for quite some time! Call me crazy, but I tend to match my earrings with my watch and since all my watches are gold toned, I can’t really wear my silver earrings. I saw this watch on ASOS and thought it would be perfect to add to my collection, considering it is black so it would be easier to match with outfits as well!

3.      HERSCHEL: Settlement bag in Navy and Red

Product description:

Single front pocket with key clip

- 15" laptop sleeve

- Stripy internal lining

- Also available in a range of other colours
I actually already do own a Herschel bag but there’s no harm in adding another one in another colour right? Backpacks are my main go-to for Uni and the Herschel is perfect for taking the laptop and books to Uni since it has separate compartments. I also have another 3 or so years of Uni coming my way so might as well invest now. Other than that, I love the colour contrasting with the navy and red. Also with winter coming up, a darker colour bag is an essential since my other Herschel bag is yellow. You will be mine… soon enough.

4.      UNKNOW BRAND: Women Lapel Long Sleeve Leather Jacket

Product description:

- Basic black jacket

- Lapel zipper style

- Contrasting detailing - faux leather and polyester 

- Big pockets 
I have been eyeing out this Jacket ever since our Korea Trip since Michelle has something very similar to this, if not, exactly the same. Letting you all in a little secret, I actually borrowed her jacket  for most of the trip and I really wanted to steal it haha. I went on a crazy search for the jacket and found it on EBAY… so I will have to buy it soon, since winter is here! The big pockets are the biggest advantage for me and what’s not to love, its in black – meaning it goes with everything!
. . . . . . . .

So that concludes everything that I want this week! Next week Michelle will come back with her second wishlist! You can check out her first wishlist hereOh and yes, I forgot to mention - courtesy to Michelle for the awesome collage and Photoshop skills, because, yes my Photoshop skills are no way in par with hers. If it wasn't for her I would probably have to resort to paint... 

Hope you guys have enjoyed this post and I'm looking forward to contributing to more posts in the future! Check back every Wednesday for our wishlist posts!

Anyways, until next time...
I put the 'D' in MDN (Okay, I got to admit... that was lame)
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