Hello everyone~  Diemmy here! 

So this week marks my first Friday Favourites! So without any further explanations, here are some of the items that I have been really loving for the week! 

   1. THE FACE SHOP: Hand & Body Shiffon Cream – Gold Kiwi

I have been obsessed with this cream for the past few months ever since opening the product. I mainly use it for my hands and it feels so soft on the hands. It does what a hand cream needs to do and that is to moisturise but… there’s an extra bonus! It smells so so so good! The Kiwi Scent is amazing and constantly makes me want to smell my hands. Haha.
   2. HOLIKA HOLIKA: Heart Full Glossy Lipstick – BG402 Honey Beige

This is my natural go-to colour when it comes to lipstick! It can pose as a colour for the perfect simple natural look or act as a base for lip tints to go on top. It has a slight glossy texture and it glides very well on the lips without much effort needed, so it’s a very easy product to apply. And of course - another bonus, it smells very nice - just like all Korean products do! 

   3. SAM SMITH: In the Lonely Hour (2014)

For the pass two weeks or so Sam Smith’s album has been on repeat for me! My personal favourites on this album have to be ‘Lay Me Down’ and ‘Life Support’. His voice is absolutely stunning and amazing and if you haven’t already checked out his music I strongly recommended you do so NOW! His style is very mellow and soothing – perfect for those days where you want to lay in bed or when you are in need of a voice to put you to sleep – he’s the man!

   4. TAYLOR SWIFT: Taylor Made of Starlight Edition Perfume

This was gifted to me by a friend as a belated birthday present and ever since receiving it, I have continuously been using this fragrance. Taylor by Taylor Swift has a very fresh and subtle scent and it is not too strong which is why I really like it! What makes me love the perfume even more is the packaging! The box actually plays Taylor’s song ‘Starlight’ when you open the box, which is pretty awesome!

. . . . . . . .

What are your favourites for the week? I hope you guys have enjoyed this week's Friday Favourites and don't forget to come back for more FFs! 

Much love and until next time, 
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