REVIEW: Holika Holika's Aqua Petit BB Cream

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Michelle here. So if you didn’t know, I love skincare and make-up products. I have wanted to do reviews for quite some time with the products that I have used. Finally I have the time to do so.

For my first review, I will be writing about Holika Holika’s Aqua Petit BB Cream.

If you’re into Korean make-up, I am sure you have heard about this specific bb-cream at least once. It is really well known and I’ve seen it all over blogs and YouTube.

There are only two shades available, #1 Aqua Beige and #2 Aqua Neutral. I am using the shade #2 Aqua Neutral.

Product Description:
Holika Holika
[UV Protection Sun Care Cosmetic]
Fully water-changed Aqua Petite Jelly.
Jelly BB Makes moist and bouncy jelly skin. Has jelly texture that helps spread evenly and creates fully hydrated and shiny skin. It is also perfect for covering up facial blemishes.
Mint water hydrates facial skin, and marine jelly complex makes soft and bouncy skin.

[How to use]
Take an appropriate amount with spatula and evenly spread onto facial skin by patting gently with its puff enclosed inside.

The packaging of this bb cream very cute. As you can see in the pictures, it is in shape of jelly and the glass is frosted. Despite it being very visually pleasing, it is not travel-friendly due to the glass. I would consider it quite heavy to put in my make-up travel bag.

There is a spatula attached to the cap made out of plastic. Holika Holika also provides a separate sponge as an applicator, if that is what you prefer. I don’t use the sponge provided, instead I blend the bb cream with my beauty sponge from Etude House.

There is a very nice fragrance smell which isn’t too overwhelming.

The bb-cream has SPF 20 PA++. In my opinion, this is quite low compared to other bb-creams. Therefore, extra sunscreen is needed if you want to protect yourself from UVA rays.

There is a cooling sensation when the bb-cream is applied directly to the face with the spatula. I feel like by applying it on my face, it will temporarily reduce some puffiness and wake me up due to the refreshing texture.

The texture is very smooth. It has a jelly consistency that I have never seen before in any other product. It glides easily on the skin without a sticky feeling and feels lightweight on.

As I mentioned above, I used my beauty sponge from Etude House. I realized it took quite some time to blend the bb-cream to give an even finish.

This bb-cream is light to medium coverage. It is nice to wear on casual days where you don’t want to feel anything on your skin. It does cover hyper pigmentations and redness. However, overall, the product is not high coverage. Additionally, I find that the coverage is not that buildable. It can appear quite cakey if you layer, which is a disappointment. I would not recommend it for people who are looking for high coverage bb cream/foundation.

You must moisturize before applying the BB-Cream. I had a small dry patch on my forehead and it accentuated it. Hence, I do not recommend this bb-cream for people with dry-skin because it will likely accentuate your dry spots.

It gives a semi-matte finish, which I really like. However, if you do want to look more dewy, it can be easily fixed by applying highlighter.

I have oily-combination skin so applying powder is a must for me. I would say the oil control for the bb-cream, with my powder, is reasonable, but not the best. 4-5 hours after the application, my nose was oily but it was manageable.

Overall: 3.5/5

Would I repurchase this?
I am satisfied with this bb-cream. The formula is amazing and feels extremely nice once applied. However, a really big con for me is the light coverage and low SPF. Additionally, the lack of shades available can be a minus, as not everyone will match these two colours.

Is it worth purchasing?
Yes. The jelly consistency is something everyone should try at least once.

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If there are any products that you want me to review, let me know!

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