Thrifting in Australia isn't as great as it is in America. There isn't much of a thrifting culture here and prices are always overpriced. However, Salvo's have weekly sales depending on the colour of the tag. You can see the weekly specials at the stores, where there is a huge sign notifying the discounts. For this week, the special was for Blue Tags. If the item is originally under $6, it would be discounted to $1. If the item is up to $15, it is now $3. Yellow tags were also 50% off. Luckily, we found some items!

If you want to know the prices of these items, you can watch our Thrift Haul video here:

. . . . . . . .
Which is your favourite item?

Much love,
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Jumpin' to 19

I, Michelle, turned 19 last week on the 24th of July. To commemorate that day, I invited my travelling buddies to go out. We had Yum Cha for breakfast then headed to Flip Out. Flip Out is a place filled with trampolines. So basically, for one hour, we jumped on trampolines. It was a lot of fun, yet very tiring at the same time. Afterwards, we went home, ate pizza, snacked on junk food, and watched 'Mean Girls'. It was a very simple day filled with laughter, which was all that I wanted.  |  youtube   |  pinterest  |  bloglovin

19 Things

Hi everyone! Michelle here. Thursday marked the day where I turned 19 years old. I had a lovely day with my friends and family, which I will be writing a post about. However, this post will be about 19 random things I have learned, believe in or advice I gave myself within the past 19 years.

♥ Always keep the faith, never forget what you believe in.
♥ Save your money for things I actually need.
♥ South Korea was even better than I expected it to be.
♥ Do the things you love, even if you have to put yourself out there.
♥ Be supportive.
♥ 11:11, make a wish.
♥ People change. We all do.
♥ It may suck at random moments but you can change that. Turn on some music, watch a TV show or talk to a friend. You can be doing things that make you happy right at that very second.
♥ Time goes really fast.
♥ Friendship: Quality over quantity.
♥ Make-up is so much fun.
♥ Diemmy and I will open a café one day.
♥ Hard work pays off.
♥ Save up so you can travel!
♥ Try to see things in different points of views.
♥ I am very grateful for my family and friends.
♥ Donuts are the best.
♥ I love TVXQ and CNBLUE.
♥ One day I will own a personal library.

Happy Birthday to me!

Much love,

Lovely Lunch

Yesterday we had lunch with Sylvia and two of our lovely high school teachers at a cafe called "Ristretto & Co". We shared some salad, pasta, pizza, sandwich and hot chocolate. 

Here are two snapshots taken by Sylvia. If you don't know who Sylvia is, she's one of our best friends. Sometimes she's considered as our 'manager' (as a joke), because she's the secret third member of MDNBLOG. Thank-you Sylvia for these photos.  |  youtube   |  pinterest  |  bloglovin

Diemmy's Top Three Lipsticks

Hello everyone! It’s safe to say lipsticks have become one of my must have-on products when it comes to make up. It adds that extra “oomph” to the face and can easily be used alone in order to make your face look bright without any other products. That being said, picking my top three lipsticks was a very hard task for me. It’s like telling me to pick between ice cream and chocolate. It was really that hard! But without further a do, here are my top three lipsticks after much deliberation.

 RIMMEL: Lasting Finish Lipstick – Coral in Gold 210
I have to say, this is my absolute must have lipstick colour. Some of you may or may not know, I am easily attracted to coral toned items and so this lipstick gave me the best in both worlds – coral and gold! I love turning to this colour for formal events or those daring days where I want a vibrant pop colour to my make up look. As the name of the lipstick has it, this lipstick is quite long lasting so that’s absolutely another reason to love it even more!

 HOLIKA HOLIKA: Heart Full Glossy Lipstick – Honey Beige BG402
As mentioned in one of my Friday Favourites, this is my instant go-to lipstick for the natural and everyday make up look. It glides on the lips really well and gives a very nice natural finishing touch to my basic make up look. I also love the way it smells. The cute packaging instantly sells it to me as the lipstick is actually in a shape of a heart (though it has started to melt away now).

Yes, another coral toned lipstick! This shade adds a very bright colour to the lips and I love it for that pure reason. When I’m feeling a bit ‘out there’ I like to turn to this colour as it gives a pop of colour to the whole make up look. This colour is also perfect for those make-up less days and can easily attract the attention to the lips. Since it’s a Korean product, it smells absolutely sweet and that has to be one of the extra pros about this lipstick.

. . . . . . . .

And there you have it, after much swatching and deciding, those are my three top lipsticks! From the shades that I picked, it’s safe to say, I love the beiges and coral toned lip colours. But… I am subject to changing that since I feel as if I am neglecting my other lip products. Haha. What are some of your favourite lipsticks? Please let me know, as I would love to try them out.

With love and until next time, 
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Behind the Blog

Diemmy (left) and Michelle (right).
An About page is an essential section to every blog, and it's finally time that we made one! You can check out the about page by clicking here... or just keep reading down below. 

Michelle's Base Application & Tools

Left to right: Coastal Scent's Foundation Brush, Coastal Scents Concealer Brush, Nude by Nature Eyeshadow Brush, and Nude by Nature by Nature Kabuki Brush.
There are a few brushes that I use to apply my base make-up (my foundation, concealer and powder). In this post I will be sharing with you the brushes that I currently love and how I use them to apply my base make-up.  

The first brush is foundation brush by Coastal Scents. I know a lot of people prefer to use a stippling brush, but I find the foundation brush  is the easiest and fastest to apply my foundation. I’ve tried a few other brushes, but it just isn’t the same. It doesn’t feel that great or takes longer to blend. There's no particular technique that I use with this brush, I just blend the foundation until there's no streaks. 

I use two brushes to apply my concealer. I place the product on places I need more coverage – such as ache scarring or veins that are still evident. The first brush is the concealer brush by Coastal Scents. I apply a small amount of the concealer on my hand. Afterwards, I would dip the brush into the concealer, remove excess on my hand, and then apply it on the places I need more coverage. I find by applying a small amount on my hand instead of directly placing it on my spots, I achieve higher coverage. I like to blend and pat the concealer into place with the brush.

Next, I would take Nude’s eye shadow brush (the third brush in the picture). This brush is quite big and fluffy, so instead of using it for my eyes, I use it to further blend out the edges of the concealer to make sure there are no marks. Blending is the key to EVERYTHING. 

Instead of using a brush to conceal my under eyes, I use my ring finger in a patting motion to blend the product in place.

For powder, I use Nude’s kabuki brush. I focus the powder on my T-zone because that is where I tend to get oily the most. I would softly pat the powder onto my face instead of swirling it around, as I don’t want to move my foundation or concealer.
 . . . . . . . .

There you have it, my base tools and application. I hope this was useful and/or interesting to you. I’m always changing my routine so if you have any useful tips, please do share it with me!

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OOTD: Overalls

Michelle (left) wears;
shirt Thrifted
overalls Ice
sunglasses Cotton On
shoes Adidas

Diemmy (right) wears;
shirt Paper Scissors
overalls Dotti
sunglasses Cotton On
shoes Converse All Stars

This is the first time we filmed an outfit of the day so it's quite scary and exciting. We hope you like this video and providing us some feedback would be great!

Much love,
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Korea Trip Itinerary - PART 4

Hello there! Here is Part 3 of our Korea Trip Itinerary! You can find part one, part two and part three here!
Don't forget to credit us!
. . . . . . . .
DAY 15:
Miss Lee Star Café
- Station: Anguk Station • Exit 6
- Directions: The café is located at the beginning of the main shopping area/road of Insadong. It is located on the second floor of the convenience store GS25.

Ssamziegil Market/Mall
- Station: Anguk Station • Exit 6
- Operating hours: 10am – 8:30pm
- Directions: Located on the main shopping area/ road of Insadong. From the road beginning with GS25 and Miss Lee Star Café, walk straight for 100m and the Market is located on your left.

DAY 16:
SM/FNC/JYP Buildings
- We are unable to formulate the exact directions to these buildings. Sorry! However there are several directions available online. 

DAY 17:
Bike Riding
- Station: Ttukseom Resort Station
- Operating hours: 9am – 5pm

Ttukseom Resort Sledding
- Station: Ttukseom Resort Station • Exit 2
- Directions: The resort is available during the winter seasons and is located 3 minutes from the exit. Once you are at the station, you should be able to see the resort in sight.

Hyundai Department Store
- Station: Apujeong Station
- Directions: The department store is locater right next to the station and should be in sight once you exit the station.

Meal Top Patbingsu
- Directions: Located on the top floor of Hyundai Department Store.

Apujeong Rodeo Street Road
- Station: Apujeong Station • Exit 2
- Directions: Once you exit the station, make a u-turn and take a turn on the right at the corner. Continue to walk straight for 900m and turn right onto the road Apujeong Ro-gil Road and then continue straight for approximately 2-3 blocks to arrive at the Apujeong Rodeo Street Road.

DAY 18:
Hannam Basketball Court
- Station: Jamwon Station
- Directions: From the station, cross the street in order to arrive at the basketball court.

Gangnam Underground Bus Terminal
- Station: Express Bus Terminal Station • Exit 8

Molly Pops Ice Cream Store
- Station: Hongdae Station • Exit 8
- Directions: Walk until you arrive at a corner of the street with Coffee Joenil, there should also be a round-a-bout in site. Walk past the small stand-curb and turn to the right at the first alley. Molly Pops is located on the left hand side.

DAY 19:
Edae Shopping

Myeongdong Shopping

Myeongdong Kyoja Udon and Dumplings
- Station: Myeongdong • Exit 8

DAY 20 – 21 – 22:
- On the final days of our stay in Korea we revisited the places that we wanted to see again and therefore did not have a proper itinerary plan for these days.

. . . . . . . .

This concludes our Korea Trip Itinerary. We hope this has been helpful for you! If you have any questions, you can either comment down below or ask us on our

Until next time,
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