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Hello everyone! They say time flies and just seems to disappear. It's just too easy to get side tracked and get lost in time as it continues to surpass us all. We guess we were slightly off track but we are determined to pick ourselves up once again with a new month in sight. We are glad to say "HELLO JULY!" 

With July in sight, we have set up some goals that we would like to achieve this month. 

 Reach 640 subscribers by the end of the month
 Film more videos
♥ Vlog more - at least once a week
♥ Upload at least one - two videos a week 
♥ Upload at least one OOTD video

♥ Post at least twice a week
♥ Write more posts for future blog posts 

P.S. We most likely won't be publishing all our filmed videos and blog posts since we are saving them for the future for when we get back to university. 

Do you think we can achieve these goals? BECAUSE WE THINK WE CAN! Remember, positivity is the way to go. It's good to have goals so we can all work towards them! What are your goals for this beautiful month of July? 

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