Korea Trip Itinerary - PART 4

Hello there! Here is Part 3 of our Korea Trip Itinerary! You can find part one, part two and part three here!
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DAY 15:
Miss Lee Star Café
- Station: Anguk Station • Exit 6
- Directions: The café is located at the beginning of the main shopping area/road of Insadong. It is located on the second floor of the convenience store GS25.

Ssamziegil Market/Mall
- Station: Anguk Station • Exit 6
- Operating hours: 10am – 8:30pm
- Directions: Located on the main shopping area/ road of Insadong. From the road beginning with GS25 and Miss Lee Star Café, walk straight for 100m and the Market is located on your left.

DAY 16:
SM/FNC/JYP Buildings
- We are unable to formulate the exact directions to these buildings. Sorry! However there are several directions available online. 

DAY 17:
Bike Riding
- Station: Ttukseom Resort Station
- Operating hours: 9am – 5pm

Ttukseom Resort Sledding
- Station: Ttukseom Resort Station • Exit 2
- Directions: The resort is available during the winter seasons and is located 3 minutes from the exit. Once you are at the station, you should be able to see the resort in sight.

Hyundai Department Store
- Station: Apujeong Station
- Directions: The department store is locater right next to the station and should be in sight once you exit the station.

Meal Top Patbingsu
- Directions: Located on the top floor of Hyundai Department Store.

Apujeong Rodeo Street Road
- Station: Apujeong Station • Exit 2
- Directions: Once you exit the station, make a u-turn and take a turn on the right at the corner. Continue to walk straight for 900m and turn right onto the road Apujeong Ro-gil Road and then continue straight for approximately 2-3 blocks to arrive at the Apujeong Rodeo Street Road.

DAY 18:
Hannam Basketball Court
- Station: Jamwon Station
- Directions: From the station, cross the street in order to arrive at the basketball court.

Gangnam Underground Bus Terminal
- Station: Express Bus Terminal Station • Exit 8

Molly Pops Ice Cream Store
- Station: Hongdae Station • Exit 8
- Directions: Walk until you arrive at a corner of the street with Coffee Joenil, there should also be a round-a-bout in site. Walk past the small stand-curb and turn to the right at the first alley. Molly Pops is located on the left hand side.

DAY 19:
Edae Shopping

Myeongdong Shopping

Myeongdong Kyoja Udon and Dumplings
- Station: Myeongdong • Exit 8

DAY 20 – 21 – 22:
- On the final days of our stay in Korea we revisited the places that we wanted to see again and therefore did not have a proper itinerary plan for these days.

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This concludes our Korea Trip Itinerary. We hope this has been helpful for you! If you have any questions, you can either comment down below or ask us on our ask.fm.

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