19 Things

Hi everyone! Michelle here. Thursday marked the day where I turned 19 years old. I had a lovely day with my friends and family, which I will be writing a post about. However, this post will be about 19 random things I have learned, believe in or advice I gave myself within the past 19 years.

♥ Always keep the faith, never forget what you believe in.
♥ Save your money for things I actually need.
♥ South Korea was even better than I expected it to be.
♥ Do the things you love, even if you have to put yourself out there.
♥ Be supportive.
♥ 11:11, make a wish.
♥ People change. We all do.
♥ It may suck at random moments but you can change that. Turn on some music, watch a TV show or talk to a friend. You can be doing things that make you happy right at that very second.
♥ Time goes really fast.
♥ Friendship: Quality over quantity.
♥ Make-up is so much fun.
♥ Diemmy and I will open a café one day.
♥ Hard work pays off.
♥ Save up so you can travel!
♥ Try to see things in different points of views.
♥ I am very grateful for my family and friends.
♥ Donuts are the best.
♥ I love TVXQ and CNBLUE.
♥ One day I will own a personal library.

Happy Birthday to me!

Much love,


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