Michelle's Base Application & Tools

Left to right: Coastal Scent's Foundation Brush, Coastal Scents Concealer Brush, Nude by Nature Eyeshadow Brush, and Nude by Nature by Nature Kabuki Brush.
There are a few brushes that I use to apply my base make-up (my foundation, concealer and powder). In this post I will be sharing with you the brushes that I currently love and how I use them to apply my base make-up.  

The first brush is foundation brush by Coastal Scents. I know a lot of people prefer to use a stippling brush, but I find the foundation brush  is the easiest and fastest to apply my foundation. I’ve tried a few other brushes, but it just isn’t the same. It doesn’t feel that great or takes longer to blend. There's no particular technique that I use with this brush, I just blend the foundation until there's no streaks. 

I use two brushes to apply my concealer. I place the product on places I need more coverage – such as ache scarring or veins that are still evident. The first brush is the concealer brush by Coastal Scents. I apply a small amount of the concealer on my hand. Afterwards, I would dip the brush into the concealer, remove excess on my hand, and then apply it on the places I need more coverage. I find by applying a small amount on my hand instead of directly placing it on my spots, I achieve higher coverage. I like to blend and pat the concealer into place with the brush.

Next, I would take Nude’s eye shadow brush (the third brush in the picture). This brush is quite big and fluffy, so instead of using it for my eyes, I use it to further blend out the edges of the concealer to make sure there are no marks. Blending is the key to EVERYTHING. 

Instead of using a brush to conceal my under eyes, I use my ring finger in a patting motion to blend the product in place.

For powder, I use Nude’s kabuki brush. I focus the powder on my T-zone because that is where I tend to get oily the most. I would softly pat the powder onto my face instead of swirling it around, as I don’t want to move my foundation or concealer.
 . . . . . . . .

There you have it, my base tools and application. I hope this was useful and/or interesting to you. I’m always changing my routine so if you have any useful tips, please do share it with me!

Michelle xo.
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