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I decided to take a break from my assessments and make a post on my current wish list. I love beauty products and my list is never ending. However, these four products have recently caught my eye and I want it so much!

Product Description: 
- Honey melting formula melting on top of lips. 
- Collagen content give no smudging clean lip line. 
- Natural flower extract giving vital healthy looking lips with protection.
I love lip products and my have a slight obsession with them. I have tried Aritaum's World Glam Coating Tint and I really like it so I want to try other products from Aritaum. Aritaum released a new set of tints not too long ago called the Honey Melting Tint. I've looked at some swatches of these tints and... the finish looks so glossy and creamy! I'll definitely get my hand on these... one day. 

Product Desecription:
- Pat lightly with a puff to create mo isturized, illuminating and smooth skin. 
- Jeju green tea water controls oil and moisture balance to create refreshing skin without stickiness. 
- Cover holding system remains adhesive cover for hours. 
- Creates bright skin for hours without darkening. 
- SPF 50+, PA+++ protects skin to be healthy against UV rays.  

I have not tried any BB Cushions yet (I have one, but still haven't opened it) but I have heard the Innisfree BB cushions are really good. This particular mineral Melting BB Cushion by Innisfree has been popping up a lot lately on Youtube and on blogs. As a result... it is something I want to try out in the future.

Product Desecription:
- Trip coating film offers coating to lashes to remain clean lashes for hours. 
- Brush of 2.5mm in diameter reaches to the areas where you can't easily to create vivid look. 
- Black Polymer System that won't get lump when re-applying. 

I have awfully short straight lashes (Sadly I don't have god-gifted eyelashes that are long and curled like Diemz - she doesn't even need to use the eyelash curler!). So it is quite hard for me to find the perfect mascara that keeps the curl and gives me length. This mascara has a very, very, thin brush, hence the name Microcara. Because the wand it so small, you can apply the a mascara to areas such as the inner eyelashes where it tends to be shorter - which is a problem that I have. Additionally, it gives a natural finish which would be good for a every-day mascara.  


Product Description: 
It makes natural and silky skin texture from skin with pores and wrinkles and maintain freshness makeup condition.

If you didn't know, a primer can make such a huge difference to your make-up. I have oily-combination skin and I tend to get really oily on my t-zone... so my makeup doesn't last that long. HOWEVER with primer it lasts for suchhhh a long time. I have heard good reviews about Banila Co's Prime Primer Classic Matte. This is something I'm definitely planning to invest, maybe once I use up my current primer (The Faceshop's Velvet Skin Primer

. . . . . . . .

And that is it!
I hope you like this post - especially the collage at the beginning of the post because I'm really proud of the results. If you like these kind of posts, let me know down on the comments below. I am planning to do these once in a while - and will force Diemz to do these too. 

If you have any beauty recommendations - let me know too.

We will gradually update this blog more - we have been really busy with University, however the semester is finishing sooooooon. So... you should definitely anticipate for more awesome blog posts. ^^

Okay, I shall now go back to my studies...

Much love,


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