It's been a long time...

Hello everyone,
Michelle here! It’s been such a long time since our last blogspot post. This is just a brief update on our lives and our channel MDNBLOG on youtube.

Since the last time we posted, Diemmy and I travelled to Seoul, South Korea for our three-week trip! We waited for this trip for a very long time and it’s crazy that the trip is already over! We’ve been back for over a month and we’re still talking non-stop about Seoul. I’m think I can say that it was an amazing three weeks for the both of us.

We went for exactly three weeks and everyday we vblogged! It was quite hard to do at times because it was freezing in Seoul. The weather would be from 2 degrees to -10 degrees… something we’re not used to, at all! However we adapted very quickly to the weather. But yes, despite the cold weather, we filmed every. Single. Day. We have uploading these vblogs on our YouTube channel for the past month or two. At the moment we’ve only uploaded to Day 7. We have planned to upload one Korea Trip vblog a week. This is due to the fact that there’s a lot of footage for each day and it can take us hours to edit. But I really do hope you’re enjoying our vblogs as much as we are. Not only that, we hope that it’s useful to anyone who is planning to go to Korea themselves!

We've also filmed haul videos of some of the things we bought throughout our trip. To be honest, we bought a lot of stuff. As in… we had to post back roughly around 30kg each back to Sydney. That’s how much stuff we bought! Make-up. Clothes. Kpop. EVERYTHING. We really did go all out! You can check them all out on our channel... but here is one below:

We are planning to make a video providing useful information, planning and tips regarding South Korea. We’ve just been really busy, as we have returned back to university. But we’ll eventually find the time to film that video… However if anyone has any questions, you can message us through our youtube channel!

At the moment, I have a surge of motivation to update our blogspot. I hope this motivation stays…

Much love,


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