Tea for Two?

By: Diemmy

So I have a collection of tea stashed in my room… just for emergency purposes. I love to have tea during those winter nights or when I’m feeling stressed out since it really does act as a soothing tool. I don’t have expensive teas but they are enough to keep me sane with half the things that happen in my world. In fact… I should make a cup of tea for myself right after finishing this blog post.

So the teas I have are…
♥ TWINNINGS: Infusion Green Tea Grapefruit and Pineapple
This is such a great infusion and far from what I expected it. There is a really nice mix of both grapefruit and pineapple – mostly the pineapple.

♥ TWINNINGS: Infusion Cranberry and Pomegranate
This use to be my favourite tea however, it has been replaced by Lipton’s Peach Mango. However, I still do like it but it requires a hint of sugar to taste the cranberry and pomegranate kick.

♥ TWINNINGS: Classic Traditional Afternoon
I was expecting this tea to be a bit different to normal black teas but it turns out it taste just the same… well to me anyway. Currently it’s a tea that I’m struggling to finish.

♥ LIPTON: Peach Mango
My absolute favourite tea of all time has to be this one! I love the blend of peach and mango. This tea really gives off a dark taste of the flavor and in fact it will be tonight’s tea of choice!

. . . . . . . .

Yes this post is a bit random… but you can’t blame me for loving tea right? Do you like to drink tea too? Well then, let's have some tea for two, shall we? 

Much love and until next time,

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