Dreaming Out Loud

By: Diemmy

Ello there everyone! 
First and foremost I must apologise for my lack of postings and contributions toward mdnblog for the past few weeks. These past three weeks have been the most stressful and craziest moments of my life due to being physically, emotionally and mentally draining from Uni exams and pressure. However, the pressure is now temporarily over, marking the beginning of my big three-month break! As a come back blog post, I would like to share with you something that gives me kick of motivation, and makes me happy from time to time.

When I renovated my room last year, I had an idea of having a bed vanity and by searching through various blogs and websites, I decided to have my own take and this happened to be the outcome.

♥ Dream Letters
As cliché as it sounds, the word dream has a very impactful meaning towards my life. From day to day, whether it is through sleep or consciously, I think about my dreams. It could be a crazy dream from last night’s sleep, or my progression towards my dream in life – my goals.

♥ World Map
The world map is actually a 500-piece puzzle. I have always wanted to challenge myself to complete one of those big puzzles and I finally did it! After all the frustration and effort, including having to cut out the edges of the puzzle since it didn’t fit through the frame, I am really happy with it. However, I must admit I didn’t finish this puzzle myself – I had to make my friends suffer with me as well.

♥ Candles and Fairy Lights
I am a huge fan of candles! I love the way they can simply light up the room and not only that, they smell sensational, adding to that aromatic atmosphere. The fairy lights and the candles add that simple touch to the vanity as a whole!

. . . . . . . .

Do you have something in your room that makes you happy? Something that motivates you from time to time…?

Much love,

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