Swizzling it Up - Taylor's 1989

By: Diemmy

Some of you may or may not know but I am a huge fan of Taylor Swift! I love her music, her style, her attitude and basically just everything about her. She’s the record that I wake up to, cry to and dance to when things are down. Recently, she released a new album 1989 and I just had to share to you my thoughts about it. With the release being on the 27th of October in America, this meant that I had to wait till the 28th to get my hands on it here in Australia. On the way to Uni I stopped at a CD store. However, I was super sad as I was unable to listen to it straight away since I had no CD player. And when I did… It was everything I expected, and even more.

I must say, this album is a really big shift from all her previous albums, but it’s definitely something new for the better. That being said, I still love all of her other albums just as equally as this one. Not only was the content of the album on point but… –omg, I’m just going to shake it- the packaging was just WOW! I got the deluxe version and I could not have been happier. The deluxe version included polaroids with handwritten lyrics and excuse me for fangirling but in all her photos… she looked so GORGEOUS!

Okay, so enough of the fangirling, moving onto the content. As I mentioned, this album is definitely different. It gives off more of pop and bouncy vibe compared to her old country style. Nonetheless, she did not disappoint. My favourite three songs on the album have to be Blank Space, Clean and for the third place… I’m tossing and turning between This Love and You Are In Love. Actually, who am I kidding, I love the whole album! Approximately just over three weeks since the release date and it’s the album that I can play on repeat again, again and again!

. . . . . . . .

What do you think about Taylor’s new album? And if you don’t listen to Taylor…do you have an artist that you can’t get over?

Much love,

P.S. I am currently listening to 1989 – NP:I Know Places.

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