Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover

By: Diemmy

We all know that highly common cliché don’t we?

‘Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover’

But as a matter of fact, we are all guilty of doing just that. Even if we put our mindsets to purchase a book without regarding the title, cover, or blurb, we still resort to those factors. If it’s not by the cover, we will look at the top charts or search the title before purchasing a novel. We just can’t help it. Recently I had a realisation that I do this very often when picking out a book. Sometimes I decide to buy a book depending on its price…yes, a bad criteria, I know!

Recently I passed a bookstore and something intriguing caught my eye. Displayed on the bookshelf were books covered in brown paper. No cover, no blurb, no author. However, written on the brown paper were words that described the novel with the tag Blind Date With A BookI thought it would be fun a fun idea for Michelle and I to read a book without any prior information besides the keywords on the cover.  With this in mind, I purchased two copies, one for each of us with the intention that once we are finished reading, we would re-wrap it and exchange the novels. 

 If you guys are readers and want to defy the overused cliché, be sure to set some spare time and have a ‘Blind date with a Book’! It is definitely worth checking out!
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Do you pick a book depending on its cover? Let me know what you think about this trend!

Much love and until next time,
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