Lip Products Challenge

Are you a lipstick addict? Do you have endless amounts of lip products? Welcome to the club.

Diemmy and I are lip junkies. However, with our excessive collection of lipsticks, lip tints and lip crayons, we find ourselves neglecting a lot of our products. This especially correlates with Diemmy, who tends to stick to her favourite lipsticks. This is why we are now doing our own lip challenge.

What is this lip challenge you may ask?
Well, we have decided that we will use every single lip product that we have, before being able to re-use it. So every day is a new lip colour. 

To be honest, for someone who has over 50 lip products, I find this quite challenging. It won’t be for another 50 days until I can use my favourite lipstick again. That is ages away. Hopefully we can go through with this challenge without breaking it!

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