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Another new month is in sight once again! Time does really fly doesn’t it? A new month can mean a new fresh start – so let’s get recharged and go! July saw us slowly reaching our goals but not quite getting there. With the passings of July, it’s safe to say “HELLO AUGUST”!

With the vision of August beginning, we would like to take note of some goals that we would like to achieve.

 Reach 670 subscribers by the end of the month
 Upload at least one – two videos a week
 Film Everyday Make-up Video
 Film a Style Video 

 Post at least twice a week
 Write more posts for future blog posts
 Promote our blog more
 Post more about beauty!

Despite not reaching our previous month's goals, we are determined to keep working to get to where we want to be! Goals are good since they act as guidelines to the road of SUCCESS! What are some of your goals for this August?

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